Customer satisfaction is our top priority, but the only true means of measuring such success is by asking those we serve how we rate. Want to know what others have to say about TASK? Read on to hear from clients we have served throughout a variety of industries.

“Out of the companies we considered to do the project, TASK was chosen for their experienced consultants and their ability to understand our business. TASK was able to make the technology fit the business, rather than the business fit the technology. They took the time to understand Stop & Shop goals, objectives, and requirements before they even began the project. And, they made sure re-engineering would be focused on the departmental level, so the organization would not be overwhelmed by change. We built a project team with the help of TASK and gave full company wide support for re-engineering. Working as a team with TASK, we had a clear understanding of the goals and objectives for the project from the onset. TASK continues to deliver on their promise. They produce tangible, realistic, and do-able results that are both practical and understandable.”

Manager- Financial Systems
Stop & Shop Supermarkets

Stop & Shop Supermarkets is a multibillion-dollar supermarket chain based in Quincy, Mass. and the New England region’s largest food retailer. They have stores, distribution cernters, and offices which stretch across communities in, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island.

“When we stepped back and looked at the process, what TASK helped us discover was that what we really needed was a better more reliable means of capturing data at its source, not more ink and paper. They made us realize that the field sales personnel should be able to provide this input quicker using automation technology and have ownership and control of the data as well. We thought we were just going to automate the field reps, but we’re really making it an enterprise-wide system.”

, Director of Field Administration
Pegasus Airwave, Inc.

Pegasus Airwave, Inc. is a privately held healthcare corporation headquartered in Boca Raton, Fla. that distributes alternating air-pressure mattresses and seating products designed to assist in the healing of severe burns and skin ulcers. Their products patented, based on solid, independent scientific research, extensive clinical experience and validation, as well as a proven success.

“Productivity has increased more than 15 percent during our first two months of operation. We expect that this rate will increase as we enhance our systems offerings.”

Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Getinge/Castle, Inc.

Getinge/Castle, Inc., based in Rochester, N.Y. is the leading maker of sterilization, disinfection, and surgical products. They serve the healthcare businesses on five continents with quality products, dependable service, and ongoing support. The company’s mission includes setting global standards for product excellence, sales professionalism, and customer service.