Business Process Re-engineering
Client: Stop & Shop Supermarkets, a multibillion-dollar supermarket chain based in Quincy, Mass. and the New England region’s largest food retailer.
Challenge: Perform an operational re-engineering study with a goal to remove any non-value added processes in the Accounts Payable function. Stop & Shop wanted to support these systems without incurring additional overhead.
TASK Strategy: Conducted a series of interviews with a team of technical and accounts payable staff, as well as business analysts to determine the current Accounts Payable process. Also, interviewed management to clearly define their goals. Information Systems Infrastructure analysis was conducted to ensure that the foundational elements of a new system could be supported by existing systems and practices.
Results: Use of the TASK specified Accounts Payable model and integration of a new Accounts Payable software package enabled Stop & Shop to more than double productivity. Return on investment was attained in less than two years, which allowed planned growth to be supported without incurring additional overhead. Consolidated 140 Account Payable processes into three basic payments.
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