Client: Pegasus Airwave, a privately held healthcare corporation headquartered in Boca Raton, Fla., distributes alternating air-pressure mattresses and seating products designed to assist in the healing of severe burns and skin ulcers.
Challenge: Provide a more reliable means of capturing data at its source and allow field sales personnel to be able to provide input quicker, as well as have ownership and control of the data. Eliminate the send and return cycle that was delaying payment.
TASK Strategy: Implement a multi-phase project that begins with the automation of the sales process, followed by the central intake facility and the service/support departments, and conclude with the replacement of the company’s billing system. Develop and implement software that captures key information from all critical function areas and contain it in a central database of corporate customer information.
Results: A common view of required information is now visible and available to all, – dispatch, service, sales representative and billing – enhancing information flow through the organization and drastically reducing delays in payment.
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